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[After receiving your summons, an Acolyte will meet with you in the foyer of Liege's temple. They say nothing, but turn and proceed onward into the temple once you arrive, glancing back to check that you are following them.

The path they take is convoluted and difficult to follow, twisting and turning through the myriad of fractal tunnels that make up the mountain fortress. Wherever you are heading, it is growing darker and colder.

Then, the pathway opens.

In front of you there is a balcony, high up on the mountain despite the fact that you do not remember climbing stairs. The railing of the balcony is dark metal brushed with white snow, and flurries are falling all around, dancing past the edge of the dias and downward into the blackness of a sheer drop below.

Liege is standing there, waiting to speak with you. Above, breaks in the clouds show glittering stars. The green of the Lambda is visible, and its eerie glow matches the color of Liege's optics. He turns to look at you.

The Acolyte bows then, and produces a warm, fur-lined cloak for you from amidst its own robes. Where the fur came from and how it keeps robots warm is a mystery, but it works nevertheless if you would like to use it for the duration of the meeting.

The Acolyte turns and leaves.

You are alone with your Firstforged.]

There is much I wish to discuss.

[He beckons, gesturing you towards a spot beside him at the edge. Distantly, Prima's light can be seen on its own mountains miles and miles away.]

I am sure that you have questions about what happened. Where myself and my brethren vanished off to, why the Pillar descended, and what is going to happen now.

You may also be wondering why I have sent for you.

[His gaze wanders, focusing on that tower of white in the distance.]

The answer to some of those questions is simple. It has become clear to me that Unicron is increasing his assault upon our Cybertron, and my brothers and sister have decided to respond in turn.

We will be departing from the Haven.


[Liege's optics shift, until once more you are the center of his attention.]

This gives me concern about my Refugees, which is why I have asked you here tonight. I do not intend to leave you defenseless, or without the tools to continue in my stead.

So my curiosity is simple...

What will you do, when I am gone?


The conversation will continue on from this point depending on how you respond below. Sae will be around to answer this log until the 1st of January, at which point anything not wrapped up will be summarized. Regardless of what turns the topic takes, Liege has gifts for his aligned:

A box of datapads in his possession was exposed to energy from a different universe's "All Spark" cube shard. As such, they now turn into somewhat adorable robot spiders, and then back into datapads. They are quite ferocious in nature, but once tamed they would make very convenient tools--a self-portable storage unit that can crawl almost anywhere.

Still, to be on the safe side he is giving you a spider housed in a special, indestructible container. You can make use of the spider or the container, which can house almost any form of liquid, solid, gas, or plasma safely.

You can also make use of them both.
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So you want to talk to Liege?

Are you certain about this?

Really, really certain?

Very well. His acolytes would be amenable to carrying a message to him for you. He is not so difficult to get in contact with as some of the other Firstforged, though there is a possibility that he will outright ignore any requests that he is not interested in. There's also a possibility that he'll respond immediately, which can be daunting in and of itself.

If you are sure, then leave a comment here with the message you wish to send.


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